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Type: one of the values below
popupanchor is an optional attribute for specifying where popup content should be anchored on the element.
no anchor
anchor to the top left corner
anchor to the top right corner
anchor to the bottom left corner
anchor to the bottom right corner


<element popupanchor="none | topleft | topright | bottomleft | bottomright" />


  popup="editor-popup" popupanchor="topleft"
  popupalign="bottomright" />


The popupanchor attribute can be used to specify that the popup content should come up anchored to one of the four corners of the content object (e.g., the button popping up the content). If omitted, no anchoring occurs. Instead the popup content comes up directly underneath the mouse event coordinates. This point (either directly under the mouse or attached to one of the four corners) is called the originating point.

By default the popup content appears with its top left point located directly underneath the point at which the user's mouse goes down (on tooltips the content is displaced by the height of the mouse cursor). popupanchor works in conjunction with popupalign to position the popup content on the element. The default value for both popupanchor and popupalign is "none."

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