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    Type: script code
    This event is sent to a popup after it has been hidden.
    This event may also be received while the popup is still open, but when sub-menus contained within this popup are hidden.
    <menupopup id="top" onpopuphidden="console.log('The onpopuphidden method of id=top was called.');">
        <menuitem label="item 1"/>
        <menuitem label="item 2"/>
        <menu id="submenu1" label="submenu 1">
            <menupopup id="submenu1-popup">
                <menuitem label="submenu1 item 1"/>
                <menuitem label="submenu1 item 2"/>
        <menu id="submenu2" label="submenu 1">
            <menupopup id="submenu2-popup">
                <menuitem label="submenu2 item 1"/>
                <menuitem label="submenu2 item 2"/>

    With the above structure, the onpopuphidden method of <menupopup id="top"> will be called every time either <menupopup id="submenu1-popup"> or <menupopup id="submenu2-popup"> are hidden. This results in the method repeatedly called as the user runs the mouse up and down the menu opening the sub-menus.  You can test for the current popup actually being hidden with:

    <menupopup id="top" 
        onpopuphidden="if(this.state != 'open'){console.log('The onpopuphidden method of id=top was called.');};" >


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