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The nsMsgViewFlagsType interface contains constants used for view flags in Thunderbird. This interface isn't ever implemented. It is only used to store constants. For example, the 'unread only' view would use the flag:


web.html($0) is defined in wiki.template('tbsource', mediawiki.args([$1])). It is wiki.template(mediawiki.path('InterfaceStatus:Scriptable_' + $4, "en")) and wiki.template(mediawiki.path('InterfaceStatus:' + $2, "en"), mediawiki.args([$3])).


Name Value Description
kNone 0x0
kThreadedDisplay 0x1
kShowIgnored 0x8
kUnreadOnly 0x10
kExpandAll 0x20
kGroupBySort 0x40

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