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The NS_UTF16ToCString function converts the value of a nsAString instance from UTF-16 to the specified multi-byte encoding and stores the result in a nsACString instance.

  #include "nsStringAPI.h"

  nsresult NS_UTF16ToCString(
    const nsAString& aSrc,
    nsCStringEncoding aDestEncoding,
    nsACString& aDest


[in] A nsAString instance containing the source UTF-16 string to be converted. The source string should be encoded using the host byte order.
[in] The character encoding of the destination string. See nsCStringEncoding for the set of values that can be passed for this parameter.
[out] A nsACString instance that will contain the result of the conversion.

Return Values

The NS_UTF16ToCString function returns NS_OK if successful. Otherwise, it returns an error code. The set of possible error codes is currently unspecified.

Example Code

  // Convert UTF-16 (or UCS-2) string to UTF-8
  CopyUTF16toUTF8(const nsAString& in, nsACString& out)
    NS_UTF16ToCString(in, NS_CSTRING_ENCODING_UTF8, out);


This function was frozen for Mozilla 1.7. See bug bug 239123 for details.

See Also

nsACString, nsAString, nsCStringEncoding

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