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The NS_StringCopy function copies the value from one nsAString instance to another. This is a low-level API.

  #include "nsStringAPI.h"

  nsresult NS_StringCopy(
    nsAString& aDestString,
    const nsAString& aSrcString


[in] A nsAString instance to be modified.
[in] A nsAString instance containing the new string value.

Return Values

The NS_StringCopy function returns NS_OK if successful. Otherwise, it returns an error code.


This function is designed to allow the implementation to efficiently assign the same value to two string objects. The implementation may employ reference counting techniques to optimize this operation.

Example Code

   /* attribute ACString value; */
  NS_IMETHODIMP MyComponent::GetValue(nsAString& aValue)
    return NS_StringCopy(aValue, mValue);
  NS_IMETHODIMP MyComponent::SetValue(const nsAString& aValue)
    return NS_StringCopy(mValue, aValue);


This function was frozen for Mozilla 1.7. See bug 239123 for details.

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