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The NS_CStringGetData function gives the caller read access to the string's internal buffer.

#include "nsStringAPI.h"
PRUint32 NS_CStringGetData(
  const nsACString& aString,
  const char** aData,
  PRBool* aTerminated = nsnull


[in] A nsACString instance to inspect.
[out] A const pointer to the string's internal buffer.
[out] This optional result parameter indicates whether or not aData is null-terminated. It may be null if the caller is not interested in this information.

Return Values

The NS_CStringGetData function returns the length of aData, measured in storage units (bytes).

Example Code

// Count the number of times a particular character appears in a string.
PRUint32 CountChar(const nsACString& str, char c)
  const char* data;
  PRUint32 len = NS_CStringGetData(str, &data);
  PRUint32 count = 0;

  for (PRUint32 i = 0; i < len; ++i)
    if (data[i] == c)
  return count;


This function was finalized for Mozilla 1.7. See bug 239123 for details.

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