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    Defined in comm-central/ mailnews/ base/ search/ public/ nsMsgSearchCore.idl

    Use this to specify the value of a search term

    [ptr] native nsMsgSearchValue(nsMsgSearchValue);
    typedef struct nsMsgSearchValue
        nsMsgSearchAttribValue attribute;
          nsMsgPriorityValue priority;
          PRTime date;
          PRUint32 msgStatus; /* see MSG_FLAG in msgcom.h */
          PRUint32 size;
          nsMsgKey key;
          PRInt32 age; /* in days */
          nsIMsgFolder *folder;
          nsMsgLabelValue label;
          PRUint32 junkStatus;
          PRUint32 junkPercent;
        } u;
        char *string;
    } nsMsgSearchValue;

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