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    A callback interface used by Gecko to create new browser windows. The application, either Mozilla or an embedding app, must provide an implementation of the Window Watcher component and notify the WindowWatcher during application initialization.
    Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 0.9.6

    Method overview

    nsIWebBrowserChrome createChromeWindow(in nsIWebBrowserChrome parent, in PRUint32 chromeFlags);



    Create a new window. Gecko will/may call this method, if made available to it, to create new windows.

    nsIWebBrowserChrome createChromeWindow(
      in nsIWebBrowserChrome parent,
      in PRUint32 chromeFlags
    The nsIWebBrowserChrome of the parent window, if any. null if no parent exists. The newly created window should be made a child/dependent window of the parent, if any (and if the concept applies to the underlying OS).
    Chrome features from nsIWebBrowserChrome.
    Return value

    An nsIWebBrowserChrome for the new window.

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