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This interface allows content being displayed in one window to be loaded into another window without refetching it from the network.
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.7

Method overview

void loadPage(in nsISupports aPageDescriptor, in unsigned long aDisplayType);


Attribute Type Description
currentDescriptor nsISupports Retrieves the page descriptor for the current document. Read only.


Display type constants

Constant Value Description
DISPLAY_AS_SOURCE 0x0001 Generates an optionally syntax-highlighted (for XML/HTML documents) source of the original page.
DISPLAY_NORMAL 0x0002 Just refetches the existing page. Note that if the descriptor is that of the source of another page, this keeps the source view, but uses the current syntax highlighting preference.



Tells the object to load the page specified by the page descriptor.

void loadPage(
  in nsISupports aPageDescriptor,
  in unsigned long aDisplayType
The page descriptor for the page to load.
The display type to use when displaying the loaded page; see Display type constants for possible values.