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Searches for text in a web browser.
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.7

Get one by doing a GetInterface on an nsIWebBrowser.

By default, the implementation will search the focused frame, or if there is no focused frame, the web browser content area. It does not by default search subframes or iframes. To change this behavior, and to explicitly set the frame to search, QueryInterface to nsIWebBrowserFindInFrames.

Method overview

boolean findNext();


Attribute Type Description
entireWord boolean Whether to match entire words only. Default is false.
findBackwards boolean Whether to find backwards (towards the beginning of the document). Default is false (search forward).
matchCase boolean Whether to match case (case sensitive) when searching. Default is false.
searchFrames boolean

Whether to search through all frames in the content area. Default is true.

Note: That you can control whether the search propagates into child or parent frames explicitly using nsIWebBrowserFindInFrames, but if one, but not both, of searchSubframes and searchParentFrames are set, this returns false.
searchString wstring The string to search for. This must be non-empty to search.
wrapFind boolean Whether the search wraps around to the start (or end) of the document if no match was found between the current position and the end (or beginning). Works correctly when searching backwards. Default is false.



Finds, highlights, and scrolls into view the next occurrence of the search string, using the current search settings. Fails if the search string is empty.

boolean findNext();


Return value

Whether an occurrence was found.

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