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These are things the system may know about the current user.
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.7

Implemented by:;1. To get the service, use:

var userInfo = Components.classes[";1"]

You can then look at the userInfo object's attributes to learn what the system knows about the user.


Attribute Type Description Linux Mac OSX OS/2 Windows
domain string Read only. The computer's domain, or the domain of its hostname. The domain portion of the email address, if available. Not supported. Not supported.
emailAddress string Read only. The concatenation of the user's login name and the computer's domain. The user's email address as saved in the system address book. Not supported. Not supported.
fullname wstring Read only. The user's full name. The user's full name. Not supported. Not supported.
username string Read only. The user's login name. The user's login name. Not supported. The user's login name.