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Interface indicating what we found/corrected when fixing up a URI.
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.7


Attribute Type Description
consumer nsISupports Consumer that asked for the fixed up URI.
preferredURI nsIURI Best guess of what URI consumer expects. May be null if we can't deliver (eg. the input is an invalid URI and FIXUP_FLAG_ALLOW_KEYWORD_LOOKUP is not passed). Read only.
fixedURI nsIURI The fixed-up original input, *never* using a keyword search. (May be null if the original input was broken as a URL, e.g. "foo bar"!). Read only.
keywordProviderName AString The keyword search provider name expected to provide a keyword search; empty string if no keyword search is performed. Read only.
keywordAsSent AString The keyword used for the search (post trimming etc.); empty string if no keyword search is performed. Read only.
fixupChangedProtocol boolean If we changed the protocol; instead of using one raw from the input. Read only.
fixupCreatedAlternateURI boolean If we created an alternative URI. Potentially adding a prefix and/or suffix; set by the browser.fixup.alternate.prefix and .suffix prefs, their defaults "www." and ".com", respectively. Read only.
originalInput AUTF8String The original input. Read only.