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    Represents a user profile.
    Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.8 (Firefox 1.5 / Thunderbird 1.5 / SeaMonkey 1.0)

    You should not create these objects yourself; to obtain them, use the nsIToolkitProfileService interface to create and obtain them.


    Method overview

    nsIProfileLock lock(out nsIProfileUnlocker aUnlocker);
    void remove(in boolean removeFiles);


    Attribute Type Description
    localDir nsILocalFile The location of the profile local directory, which may be the same as the root directory. See nsIProfileLock.localDirectory(). Read only.
    name AUTF8String The profile's name.
    rootDir nsILocalFile The location of the profile directory. Read only.



    Locks the profile using platform-specific locking methods.

    nsIProfileLock lock(
      out nsIProfileUnlocker aUnlocker
    On error, contains an nsIProfileUnlocker object you can use to unlock the profile.
    Note: The unlocker object cannot be returned to JavaScript as the error causes an exception to be thrown. The unlocker object is only available in Gecko 34 or later when running on Windows Vista or later.
    Return value

    An nsIProfileLock object which holds a profile lock as long as you hold a reference to it.


    var profile = profileList.getNext().QueryInterface(Ci.nsIToolkitProfile);
    var locker = profile.lock({});


    Removes the profile from the registry of profiles.

    void remove(
      in boolean removeFiles
    Indicates whether or not the profile directory should be removed when the profile is removed from the profile list.

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