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The nsIThreadManager interface lets applications and extensions create and manage threads, each of which is represented by an nsIThread.

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Inherits from: nsISupports

Method overview

nsIThread getThreadFromPRThread(in PRThread prthread); Native code only!
nsIThread newThread(in unsigned long creationFlags);


Attribute Type Description
currentThread nsIThread The currently executing thread. If the calling thread does not already have a nsIThread associated with it, one is created and associate with the current PRThread. Read only.
isMainThread boolean This attribute is true if the calling thread is the main thread of the application process. Read only.
mainThread nsIThread The main thread. Read only.


Native code only!


Given a PRThread, this method returns the corresponding nsIThread. Returns null if there isn't a corresponding nsIThread.

nsIThread getThreadFromPRThread(
  in PRThread prthread
The PRThread for which to retrieve the corresponding nsIThread.
Return value

The nsIThread matching the specified PRThread, or null if there is no matching nsIThread.


Create a new thread. Internally, this is a global user PRThread.

nsIThread newThread(
  in unsigned long creationFlags
Reserved for future use. Pass 0.
Return value

The newly created nsIThread.

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