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The nsIThreadInternal interface is implemented by the XPCOM thread object to let consumers observe dispatch activity on a thread.

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  Last changed in Gecko 1.9 (Firefox 3)

Inherits from: nsIThread

Method overview

void popEventQueue();
void pushEventQueue(in nsIThreadEventFilter filter);


Attribute Type Description
observer nsIThreadObserver Get/set the current thread observer; set to null to disable observing. This attribute may be read from any thread but must only be set on the thread corresponding to this thread object. The observer will be released on the thread corresponding to this thread object after all other events have been processed during a call to Shutdown.



Reverts a call to PushEventQueue(). When an event queue is popped, any events remaining in the queue are appended to the elder queue.

void popEventQueue();



Causes any events currently enqueued on the thread to be suppressed until PopEventQueue() is called. In addition, any new events dispatched to the thread are only processed if they are accepted by the specified filter.

If the filter is null, all new events are accepted.

Calls to pushEventQueue() may be nested, and must each be paired with a corresponding call to PopEventQueue() to restore the original state of the thread.

void pushEventQueue(
  in nsIThreadEventFilter filter
The nsIThreadEventFilter to apply to dispatched events, or null to accept all dispatched events.

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