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Starting in Windows 7, applications can display a progress notification in the taskbar. This class wraps around the native functionality to do this.
Gecko 1.9.2
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.9.2 (Firefox 3.6 / Thunderbird 3.1 / Fennec 1.0)

Method overview

void setProgressState(in nsTaskbarProgressState state, in unsigned long long currentValue Optional, in unsigned long long maxValue Optional);


Constant Value Description
STATE_NO_PROGRESS 0 Stop displaying progress on the taskbar button. This should be used when the operation is complete or canceled.
STATE_INDETERMINATE 1 Display a cycling, indeterminate progress bar.
STATE_NORMAL 2 Display a determinate, normal progress bar.
STATE_ERROR 3 Display a determinate, error progress bar.
STATE_PAUSED 4 Display a determinate progress bar indicating that the operation has paused.



Sets the taskbar progress state and value for this window. The currentValue and maxValue parameters are optional and should be supplied when state is one of STATE_NORMAL, STATE_ERROR or STATE_PAUSED.

void setProgressState(
  in nsTaskbarProgressState state,
  in unsigned long long currentValue, Optional
  in unsigned long long maxValue Optional
One of the state constants.
The current progress value.
The maximum progress value.
Exceptions thrown
If currentValue is greater than maxValue.
If state is STATE_NO_PROGRESS or STATE_INDETERMINATE, and either currentValue or maxValue is not 0.

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