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The nsIPermission interface defines a "permission" object, which is used to allow or block objects (for example cookies, images) from certain sites based on user preferences.

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  Last changed in Gecko 2 (Firefox 4 / Thunderbird 3.3 / SeaMonkey 2.1)

Inherits from: nsISupports


Attribute Type Description
capability PRUint32 The permission to set: allow, deny, or unknown (which is the default). See nsIPermissionManager.Permission_type_constants for allowed values. Read only.
expireTime PRInt64 The expiration time of the permission measured in milliseconds since 1970 Jan 1 0:00:00. Read only.
expireType PRUint32 The expiration type of the permission: on session termination, on a specified time, or never. Constants are defined in nsIPermissionManager.Permission_expiration_constants. Read only.
host AUTF8String The host, that is URI, on which the permission is applied. Read only.
type ACString The type of permission: cookie, image, and so on. This is a case-sensitive string. This string is specified by the consumer when adding a permission via nsIPermissionManager Read only.

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