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    Defined in comm-central/ mailnews/ base/ search/ public/ nsIMsgSearchValue.idl

    #include "nsMsgSearchCore.idl"
    interface nsIMsgFolder;
    [scriptable, uuid(783758a0-cdb5-11dc-95ff-0800200c9a66)]
    interface nsIMsgSearchValue : nsISupports {
        // type of object
        attribute nsMsgSearchAttribValue attrib;
        // accessing these will throw an exception if the above
        // attribute does not match the type!
        attribute AString str;
        attribute nsMsgPriorityValue priority;
        attribute PRTime date;
         // see nsMsgMessageFlags.idl and nsMsgFolderFlags.idl
        attribute unsigned long status;
        attribute unsigned long size;
        attribute nsMsgKey msgKey;
        attribute long age; // in days
        attribute nsIMsgFolder folder;
        attribute nsMsgLabelValue label;
        attribute nsMsgJunkStatus junkStatus;
         * junkPercent is set by the message filter plugin, and is approximately
         *             proportional to the probability that a message is junk.
         *             (range 0-100, 100 is junk)
        attribute unsigned long junkPercent;
        AString toString();

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