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Defined in comm-central/ mailnews/ base/ search/ public/ nsIMsgFilter.idl

 [scriptable, uuid(190A2A18-D245-473a-A402-9F0814598C7F)]
interface nsIMsgRuleAction : nsISupports {

  attribute nsMsgRuleActionType type;

  // target priority.. throws an exception if the action is not priority
  attribute nsMsgPriorityValue priority;

  // target folder.. throws an exception if the action is not move to folder
  attribute ACString targetFolderUri;

  // target label. throws an exception if the action is not label
  attribute nsMsgLabelValue label;

  // junkScore throws an exception if the action type is not JunkScore
  attribute long junkScore;

  attribute AUTF8String strValue;

  // action id if type is Custom
  attribute ACString customId;

  // custom action associated with customId
  // (which must be set prior to reading this attribute)
  readonly attribute nsIMsgFilterCustomAction customAction;

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