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The nsIMsgProtocolInfo interface describes the capabilities of an account type.

Inherits from: nsISupports

Implemented by:;1?type=acct, where acct is the account type that are you are interested in.

Method overview

long getDefaultServerPort(in boolean isSecure);


Attribute Type Description
canDelete boolean True if an account of this type may be deleted. Read only.
canDuplicate boolean Unused. Read only.
canGetIncomingMessages boolean True if Junk UI actions should be enabled for the account type. Read only.
canGetMessages boolean True if "Get Messages" UI actions should be enabled for the account type. Read only.
canLoginAtStartUp boolean True if the account type can perform biff during startup. Read only.
defaultDoBiff boolean True if the biff should be enabled by default for the account type. Read only.
defaultLocalFilePath nsILocalFile The default path under which all server data for this account type will be stored.
foldersCreateAsync boolean New in Thunderbird 24 (bug 832034)
preflightPrettyNameWithEmailAddress boolean Unused. Read only.
requiresUsername boolean True if the server requires a username to log on. Read only.
serverIID nsIIDPtr The IID of the server-specific interface, used during account creation. Read only.
showComposeMsgLink boolean True if Compose UI actions should be enabled for the account type. Read only.
specialFoldersDeletionAllowed boolean True if the user can delete folders like Inbox, Trash, etc. Read only.



Returns the default port for a connection to a server of this account type.

long getDefaultServerPort(
  in boolean isSecure
Whether or not the connection will be secure.
Return value

The default port number for connections of this account type.


This is one of the interfaces that is required to create a new account type.

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