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This interface provides access to a microsummary that has been installed in Firefox.
Gecko 1.8
Gecko 6.0
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.9 (Firefox 3)

Warning: Microsummary support was removed in Gecko 6.0 (Firefox 6.0 / Thunderbird 6.0 / SeaMonkey 2.3)

Method overview

long calculateUpdateInterval(in nsIDOMNode aPageContent);
boolean equals(in nsIMicrosummaryGenerator aOther);
AString generateMicrosummary(in nsIDOMNode aPageContent);


Attribute Type Description
loaded boolean Has the generator itself (which may be a remote resource) been loaded. Read only.
localURI nsIURI For generators installed by the user or bundled with the browser, the local URI points to the location of the local file containing the generator's XML. Read only.
name AUTF8String An arbitrary descriptive name for this microsummary generator. Read only.
needsPageContent boolean Whether or not this generator needs page content to generate a microsummary. Microsummaries generated by XSLT templates need page content, while those which represent the actual microsummary do not. Read only.
uri nsIURI

The canonical location and unique identifier of the generator. It tells us where the generator comes from and where to go for updates. Read only.

For generators referenced by web pages via <link> tags, this URI is the URL specified by the tag.

For generators installed via nsISidebar.addMicrosummaryGenerator(), this URI is a URN of the form urn:source:<url>, where <url> is the remote location from which we installed the generator.

For generators installed via some other mechanism (for example an extension that dynamically creates generators), this URI is a URN in a form of the extension's own choosing, with the only restriction being that the URI be globally unique. To ensure this, we recommend that such extensions incorporate UUIDs created by nsIUUIDGenerator into the URNs of the generators they create.



Calculates the interval until the microsummary should be updated for the next time, depending on the page content. If the generator doesn't specify an interval, null is returned.

long calculateUpdateInterval(
  in nsIDOMNode aPageContent
The content of the page being summarized.
Return value

The interval in milliseconds until the next update request.


Microsummary-generator equivalence test. Generators are considered equal if their canonical locations (uri attribute) are equal.

boolean equals(
  in nsIMicrosummaryGenerator aOther
The generator to compare against.
Return value

A boolean indicating if the two generators are equal.


Generate a microsummary by processing the generator template against the page content. If a generator doesn't need content, pass null as the parameter to this method.

Note: In the future, this may be expanded to support rich text content.

AString generateMicrosummary(
  in nsIDOMNode aPageContent
The content of the page being summarized.
Return value

The text result of processing the template.

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