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Reports multiple memory measurements using a callback function that gets called once for each measurement.
Gecko 7.0
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 12.0 (Firefox 12.0 / Thunderbird 12.0 / SeaMonkey 2.9)

If you want to gather multiple measurements in a single operation (such as a single traversal of a large data structure), you can use a multi-reporter to do so. The callback, which must implement the nsIMemoryMultiReporterCallback interface, receives values that match the fields in the nsIMemoryReporter object.

In order for a multi-reporter to gather and generate reports, you need to call collectReports(). This will call the specified callback's nsIMemoryMultiReporterCallback.callback() method once for each report. This will trigger any needed computation work.

Note: This differs from the behavior of nsIMemoryReporter, which lets all fields except amount be accessed without triggering computation.


Attribute Type Description
explicitNonHeap PRInt64

The sum of all of this multi-reporter's measurements that have a path that starts with "explicit" and are of the kind KIND_NONHEAP.

Note: This is a hack that makes nsIMemoryReporterManager.explicit more efficient. This is important; multi-reporters can special-case this operation so it's much faster than gathering all the reports, filtering out the unneeded ones, and adding up the rest.

Method overview

void collectReports(in nsIMemoryMultiReporterCallback callback, in nsISupports closure);



void collectReports(
  in nsIMemoryMultiReporterCallback callback,
  in nsISupports closure
The nsIMemoryMultiReporterCallback to call when collection is complete.
An object containing any additional data your callback might need; this gets passed to the callback. You can specify null if your callback doesn't require any additional data.

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