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Describes the properties of a content viewer for an HTML or XML markup document.
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 7.0 (Firefox 7.0 / Thunderbird 7.0 / SeaMonkey 2.4)

Method overview

void scrollToNode(in nsIDOMNode node);
void sizeToContent();


Attribute Type Description
allowPlugins boolean If true, plugins are allowed within the doc shell. default = true. Obsolete since Gecko 1.8
authorStyleDisabled boolean Disable entire author style level (including HTML presentation hints)
bidiCharacterSet octet Whether to force the user's character set 1 - use the document character set 2 - use the character set chosen by the user. Obsolete since Gecko 6.0
bidiControlsTextMode octet The order of bidirectional text in form controls. 1 - logical 2 - visual 3 - like the containing document. Obsolete since Gecko 2.0
bidiNumeral octet The type of numerals to display. 1 - depending on context, default is Arabic numerals 2 - depending on context, default is Hindi numerals 3 - Arabic numerals 4 - Hindi numerals.
bidiOptions PRUint32 Use this attribute to access all the Bidi options in one operation.
bidiSupport octet Whether to use platform bidi support or Mozilla's bidi support 1 - Use Mozilla's bidi support 2 - Use the platform bidi support 3 - Disable bidi support.
bidiTextDirection octet

Options for Bidi presentation.

Use these attributes to access the individual Bidi options.

The default direction for the layout of bidirectional text. 1 - left to right 2 - right to left.
bidiTextType octet The ordering of bidirectional text. This may be either "logical" or "visual". Logical text will be reordered for presentation using the Unicode Bidi Algorithm. Visual text will be displayed without reordering. 1 - the default order for the charset 2 - logical order 3 - visual order.
defaultCharacterSet ACString  
forceCharacterSet ACString  
fullZoom float The amount by which to scale all lengths. Default is 1.0.
hintCharacterSet ACString  
hintCharacterSetSource PRInt32  
minFontSize long The minimum font size to allow.
Note: This attribute was added late in the Gecko 2.0 development cycle and was implemented by the nsIMarkupDocumentViewer_MOZILLA_2_0_BRANCH interface; it was merged into this interface in Gecko 7.0.
prevDocCharacterSet ACString  
textZoom float The amount by which to scale all text. Default is 1.0.



Scroll the make the specified node visible.

void scrollToNode(
  in nsIDOMNode node
The nsIDOMNode of the node to make visible.


Tell the container to shrink-to-fit or grow-to-fit its contents.

void sizeToContent();


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