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This interface is used to create nsIINIParser objects for use in parsing INI files.
Gecko 1.8
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.8 (Firefox 1.5 / Thunderbird 1.5 / SeaMonkey 1.0)

See Example for how to use this interface.

Method overview

nsIINIParser createINIParser(in nsILocalFile aINIFile);



Creates an INIĀ parser, returning the nsIINIParser object that you can use to parse it.

nsIINIParser createINIParser(
  in nsILocalFile aINIFile
The INI file to parse.
Return value

The nsIINIParser object you can use to parse the INIĀ file.


Obtaining a parser object

To obtain a parser for an INI file, you can use code that looks like this:

To get an nsIINIParser instance for an INI file, you may use the following code:

// create an nsILocalFile
var cl = ";1";
var interf = Components.interfaces.nsILocalFile;
var file = Components.classes[cl].createInstance(interf);

// init the file with the path to your ini file
var path = "c:\\temp\\example.ini";

// create the nsIINIParserFactory
var cl = ";1";
var interf = Components.interfaces.nsIINIParserFactory;
var iniFact = Components.manager.getClassObjectByContractID(cl,interf);

// get the INIParser for the ini file
var iniParser = iniFact.createINIParser(file);

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