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This interface represents RSS or Atom feed text fields that may contain plain text, HTML, or XHTML. Some extension elements also include "type" parameters, and this interface could be used to represent those as well.
Gecko 1.8
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.8.1 (Firefox 2 / Thunderbird 2 / SeaMonkey 1.1)

Implemented by:;1, but users usually don't need to create instances of this directly. Various other feed-related interfaces, such as nsIFeed, nsIFeedEntry, and nsIFeedContainer have attributes that return objects implementing nsIFeedTextConstruct.

Method overview

nsIDOMDocumentFragment createDocumentFragment(in nsIDOMElement element);
AString plainText();


Attribute Type Description
base nsIURI If the text construct contains HTML or XHTML, relative references in the content should be resolved against this base URI.
lang AString The language of the text (such as "en-US" for U.S. English).
text AString The actual text content. This string may contain markup if the type is either "html" or "xhtml".
type AString The type of content described; one of "text", "html", or "xhtml".



Creates a new document fragment on a given DOM element, containing the text and (if the text construct contains HTML or XHTML) its markup.

nsIDOMDocumentFragment createDocumentFragment(
  in nsIDOMElement element
The element in which to create the new document fragment.
Return value

An nsIDocumentFragment containing the text and markup.


Returns the text as plain text with all markup stripped and all entities decoded.

AString plainText();


Return value

The plain text version of the text construct's contents. If the type attribute is "text", this method returns the value of the text attribute unchanged.


If the document type is either "html" or "xhtml", a "<" character represents markup. To display that character, an escape such as "&lt;" must be used. If the type is "text", the "<" character represents itself.

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