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Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.7

Method overview

string toString();


Attribute Type Description
columnNumber PRUint32 Valid column numbers begin at 0. There is no unambiguous indicator for unknown. Read only.
data nsISupports Arbitary data for the implementation. Read only.
filename string

Filename location. This is the location that caused the error, which may or may not be a source file location. For example, standard language errors would generally have the same location as their top stack entry. File parsers may put the location of the file they were parsing.

null indicates "no data" Read only.
inner nsIException An inner exception that triggered this, if available. Read only.
lineNumber PRUint32 Valid line numbers begin at '1'. '0' indicates unknown. Read only.
location nsIStackFrame A stack trace, if available. Read only.
message string A custom message set by the thrower. [binaryname(MessageMoz)] Read only.
name string The name of the error code (A string representation of result) Read only.
result nsresult The nsresult associated with this exception. Read only.



A generic formatter - make it suitable to print, etc.

string toString();


Return value

A string suitable for output.