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Provides a way to get an editor from a specific frame in a docShell hierarchy. It is intended to be only used internally.
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.7

Use nsIEditingSession.makeWindowEditable() and nsIEditingSession.getEditorForWindow() from out side.

Method overview

void makeEditable(in boolean inWaitForUriLoad);


Attribute Type Description
editable boolean This docShell is editable. Read only.
editor nsIEditor Gets or sets the editor for the content document.
hasEditingSession boolean This docShell has an editing session. Read only.



Make this docShell editable, setting a flag that causes an editor to get created, either immediately, or after a url has been loaded.

void makeEditable(
  in boolean inWaitForUriLoad
true to wait for a URI before creating the editor.