This interface can be used to add a download to history. There is a separate interface specifically for downloads in case embedders choose to track downloads differently from other types of history.
Gecko 1.9
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.9 (Firefox 3)

Method overview

void addDownload(in nsIURI aSource, [optional] in nsIURI aReferrer, [optional] in PRTime aStartTime);



Adds a download to history. This will also notify observers that the URI aSource is visited with the topic NS_LINK_VISITED_EVENT_TOPIC if aSource has not yet been visited.

void addDownload(
  in nsIURI aSource,
  in nsIURI aReferrer, Optional
  in PRTime aStartTime Optional
The source of the download we are adding to history. This cannot be null.
aReferrer Optional
The referrer of source URI.
aStartTime Optional
The time the download was started. If the start time is not given, the current time is used.

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