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    An extension of nsIDirectoryServiceProvider which allows multiple files to be returned for the given key.
    Inherits from: nsIDirectoryServiceProvider Last changed in Gecko 0.9.6

    Method overview

    nsISimpleEnumerator getFiles(in string prop);



    The directory service calls this when it gets a request for a prop and the requested type is nsISimpleEnumerator.

    nsISimpleEnumerator getFiles(
      in string prop
    The symbolic name of the file list.
    Return value

    An enumerator for a list of file locations. The elements in the enumeration are nsIFile.

    Use an XPCOM return code of NS_SUCCESS_AGGREGATE_RESULT if this result should be aggregated with other "lower" providers. If you are implementing this from JS, you would be using Components.returnCode, but sadly this does not currently work (see bugĀ 287107).

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