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This interface provides methods to initialize and configure a directory service instance. The XPCOM Directory Service implements this interface to provide support for a variety of well-known file and directory locations.
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.7

Method overview

void init();
void registerProvider(in nsIDirectoryServiceProvider prov);
void unregisterProvider(in nsIDirectoryServiceProvider prov);


Initializes the nsIDirectoryService instance.

This method must be called before an nsIDirectoryService instance can be used. In the case of the XPCOM Directory Service, this method is called as part of XPCOM initialization.

Must not be called by external code; called internally by XPCOM initialization.

  void init();



Register a provider with the service.

The directory service will keep a strong reference to the nsIDirectoryServiceProvider instances registered via registerProvider. The providers will be released when the service is destroyed at XPCOM shutdown.

Call unregisterProvider() to force the directory service to relinquish ownership of a particular provider instance.

void registerProvider(
  in nsIDirectoryServiceProvider prov
The nsIDirectoryServiceProvider to register with the service.


Unregister a provider that was previously registered with the directory service.

void unregisterProvider(
  in nsIDirectoryServiceProvider prov
The nsIDirectoryServiceProvider to unregister from the service.

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