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A class holding information about a directory index. Because this has no reference back to their original source, changing these attributes won't affect the directory.
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.7


Attribute Type Description
contentType string The content type; may be null if it is unknown. Unspecified for directories.
description wstring A description for the filename, which should be displayed by a viewer.
lastModified PRTime Last-modified time in seconds-since-epoch. If the last modified time is unknown, this value is -1.
location string The fully qualified filename, expressed as a URI. This is encoded with the encoding specified in the nsIDirIndexParser, and is also escaped.
size long long File size; if the size is unknown, this value is -1.
type unsigned long The type of the entry; one of the TYPE_* constants.


Constant Value Description
TYPE_UNKNOWN 0 The type is unknown.
TYPE_DIRECTORY 1 The directory entry represents a directory.
TYPE_FILE 2 The directory entry represents a file.
TYPE_SYMLINK 3 The directory entry represents a symlink.

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