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This interface is the primary interface for a DOM window object. It represents a single window object that may contain child windows if the document in the window contains an HTML frameset document, or if the document contains <iframe> elements.

Inherits from: nsIDOMWindow Last changed in Gecko 1.9 (Firefox 3)

Because nsIDOMWindow is frozen, this interface was introduced in Firefox 3 (Gecko 1.9) to allow DOM windows to take on new features. DOM windows implement nsIDOMWindow2, which is a subclass of nsIDOMWindow.

In Gecko 7.0 this interface has been merged into nsIDOMWindow.


Attribute Type Description
applicationCache nsIDOMOfflineResourceList The application cache object for this window. Read only.
windowRoot nsIDOMEventTarget The window root for this window. This is useful for connecting event listeners to this window as well as every other window nested in that window root. Not accessible from scripts. Read only.

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