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The nsIDOMFile interface retrieves data from a file submitted to a form using the input type "file". This allows the file reference to be saved when the form is submitted while the user is using a web application offline, so that the data can be retrieved and uploaded once the Internet connection is restored.

This is also used by the DataTransfer object to describe files dragged into a web application using drag and drop.

Note that in Gecko, this interface currently inherits from nsISupports, but in the File API specification, it should be a Blob. This will likely change in the future, so avoid using any non-standard methods offered by this interface in order to ensure future compatibility.

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  Last changed in Gecko 1.9.2 (Firefox 3.6 / Thunderbird 3.1 / Fennec 1.0)

Inherits from: nsISupports

This interface implements the DOM File object; for complete documentation, read up on that.

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