Handles arguments on the command line of a XUL application.
Gecko 1.8
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.8 (Firefox 1.5 / Thunderbird 1.5 / SeaMonkey 1.0)

Each command line handler is registered in the category "command-line-handler". The entries in this category are read in alphabetical order, and each category value is treated as a service contract ID implementing this interface.

By convention, handlers with ordinary priority should begin with "m".


Category Entry Value
command-line-handler b-jsdebug @mozilla.org/venkman/clh;1
command-line-handler c-extensions @mozilla.org/extension-manager/clh;1
command-line-handler m-edit @mozilla.org/composer/clh;1
command-line-handler m-irc @mozilla.org/chatzilla/clh;1
command-line-handler y-final @mozilla.org/browser/clh-final;1

Method overview

void handle(in nsICommandLine aCommandLine);


Attribute Type Description
helpInfo AUTF8String When the application is launched with the -help argument, this attribute is retrieved and displayed to the user (on stdout). The text should have embedded newlines which wrap at 76 columns, and should include a newline at the end. By convention, the right column which contains flag descriptions begins at the 24th character. Read only.



Processes a command line. If this handler finds arguments that it understands, it should perform the appropriate actions (such as opening a window), and remove the arguments from the command-line array.

void handle(
  in nsICommandLine aCommandLine
Command line to process.

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