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Gecko 1.9
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.9 (Firefox 3)

Prior to Gecko 1.9, these constants were implemented in nsIAccessible.


State constants

MSAA State flags - used for bitfield. More than 1 allowed.

Constant Value Description
STATE_UNAVAILABLE 0x00000001 The object is unavailable, that is disabled.
STATE_SELECTED 0x00000002 The object is selected, That is it indicates this object is the child of an object that allows its children to be selected and that this child is one of those children that has been selected.
STATE_FOCUSED 0x00000004 The object is focused.
STATE_PRESSED 0x00000008 The object is pressed.
STATE_CHECKED 0x00000010 The object is checked.
STATE_MIXED 0x00000020 Indicates that the state of a three-state check box or toolbar button is not determined. The check box is neither checked nor unchecked and is therefore in the third or mixed state.
STATE_READONLY 0x00000040 The object is designated read-only.
STATE_HOTTRACKED 0x00000080 The object is hot-tracked by the mouse, which means that its appearance has changed to indicate that the mouse pointer is located over it. Currently unused.
STATE_DEFAULT 0x00000100 This state represents the default button in a window.
STATE_EXPANDED 0x00000200 Children of this object that have the ROLE_OUTLINEITEM role are displayed. (See nsIAccessibleRole.Constants).
STATE_COLLAPSED 0x00000400 Children of this object that have the ROLE_OUTLINEITEM role are hidden. (See nsIAccessibleRole.Constants).
STATE_BUSY 0x00000800 The control cannot accept input at this time.
STATE_FLOATING 0x00001000 Children "owned" not "contained" by parent.
STATE_MARQUEED 0x00002000 The object is scrolling or moving text or graphics.
STATE_ANIMATED 0x00004000 The object's appearance changes rapidly or constantly. Graphics that are occasionally animated are described as ROLE_GRAPHIC (See nsIAccessibleRole.Constants) with the State property set to STATE_ANIMATED. This state is used to indicate that the object's location is changing.
STATE_INVISIBLE 0x00008000 The object is programmatically hidden. For example, menu items are programmatically hidden until a user activates the menu. Because objects with this state are not available to users, client applications should not communicate information about the object to users. However, if client applications find an object with this state, they should check to see if STATE_OFFSCREEN is also set. If this second state is defined, then clients can communicate the information about the object to users. For example, a list box can have both STATE_INVISIBLE and STATE_OFFSCREEN set. In this case, the client application can communicate all items in the list to users.
STATE_OFFSCREEN 0x00010000 Scrolled off.
STATE_SIZEABLE 0x00020000 The object can be resized. For example, a user could change the size of a window by clicking the border with a mouse and dragging the mouse.
STATE_MOVEABLE 0x00040000 The object can be moved. For example, a user can click on the titlebar for the object and drag the object to a new location.
STATE_SELFVOICING 0x00080000 The object or child uses text-to-speech (TTS) technology for description purposes. A speech-based accessibility aid does not announce information when an object with this state has the focus because the object automatically announces information. Currently unused.
STATE_FOCUSABLE 0x00100000 The object can be focused.
STATE_SELECTABLE 0x00200000 The object can be selected.
STATE_LINKED 0x00400000 The object is formatted as a hyperlink. The object role will usually be ROLE_TEXT_LEAF. (See nsIAccessibleRole.Constants).
STATE_TRAVERSED 0x00800000 The object is a hyperlink that has been visited (previously clicked) by a user.
STATE_MULTISELECTABLE 0x01000000 Supports multiple selection.
STATE_EXTSELECTABLE 0x02000000 Supports extended selection.
STATE_ALERT_LOW 0x04000000 This information is of low priority.
STATE_ALERT_MEDIUM 0x08000000 This information is of medium priority.
STATE_ALERT_HIGH 0x10000000 This information is of high priority.
STATE_PROTECTED 0x20000000 Maps to Gnome's Role* ATK_ROLE_PASSWD_TEXT, nothing for Java?
STATE_HASPOPUP 0x40000000 New in MSAA 2.0.
STATE_INVALID STATE_ALERT_HIGH Indicates a validation failure.

Extended state constants

Extended state flags (for now non-MSAA, for Java and Gnome/ATK support)

Constant Value Description
EXT_STATE_SUPPORTS_AUTOCOMPLETION 0x00000001 For editable areas that have any kind of auto completion.
EXT_STATE_DEFUNCT 0x00000002 Object no longer exists.
EXT_STATE_SELECTABLE_TEXT 0x00000004 For text which is selectable, object must implement nsIAccessibleText.
EXT_STATE_EDITABLE 0x00000008 Implements nsIAccessibleEditableText.
EXT_STATE_ACTIVE 0x00000010 This window is currently the active window.
EXT_STATE_MODAL 0x00000020 Must do something with control before leaving it.
EXT_STATE_MULTI_LINE 0x00000040 Edit control that can take multiple lines.
EXT_STATE_HORIZONTAL 0x00000080 Uses horizontal layout.
EXT_STATE_OPAQUE 0x00000100 Indicates this object paints every pixel within its rectangular region.
EXT_STATE_SINGLE_LINE 0x00000200 This text object can only contain 1 line of text.
EXT_STATE_VERTICAL 0x00000800 Especially used for sliders and scrollbars.
EXT_STATE_STALE 0x00001000 Object not dead, but not up-to-date either.
EXT_STATE_ENABLED 0x00002000 A widget that is not unavailable.