The mozIStorageBindingParamsArray interface is a container for mozIStorageBindingParams objects, and is used to store sets of bound parameters that will be used by the mozIStorageStatement.executeAsync().

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Inherits from: nsISupports

You can only create these objects by calling the mozIStorageStatement.newBindingParamsArray().

Method overview

void addParams(in mozIStorageBindingParams aParameters);
mozIStorageBindingParams newBindingParams();


Attribute Type Description
length unsigned long The number of mozIStorageBindingParams objects in the array.



Adds the specified set of parameters to the end of the array. The appended parameters will be used when mozIStorageStatement.executeAsync() is called.

void addParams(
  in mozIStorageBindingParams aParameters
The mozIStorageBindingParams object containing the parameters to append to the array.


Creates and returns a new, empty, mozIStorageBindingParams object to which you can add parameters and their values for binding.

mozIStorageBindingParams newBindingParams();


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