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The nsITreeContentView interface is implemented by tree views that are backed by DOM content. It is typically reached by calling QueryInterface on a nsITreeView.

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  Last changed in Gecko 1.8.0

Inherits from: nsISupports

Method overview

long getIndexOfItem(in nsIDOMElement item);
nsIDOMElement getItemAtIndex(in long index);


Attribute Type Description
root nsIDOMElement The element in the DOM which this view uses as root content. Read only. Obsolete since Gecko 1.8



Retrieve the index associated with the specified content item.

long getIndexOfItem(
  in nsIDOMElement item
A tree row for which to find the row index.
Return value

A non-negative integer row index if the row was found within the tree. Returns -1 if the item was not found.


Retrieve the content item associated with the specified index.

nsIDOMElement getItemAtIndex(
  in long index
The row index for which to get the item
Return value

The nsIDOMElement item.


The nsITreeContentView interface only applies to trees with DOM element children, and does not apply to trees with flags="dontbuildcontent".

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