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The nsIMsgCompFields interface provides properties for an composition of an outgoing message.


Attribute Type Description
attachments char * obsolete attachments OBSOLETE, DO NOT USE ANYMORE
attachmentsArray nsISupportsArray readonly  
attachVCard PRBool  
bcc AString  
body AString  
bodyIsAsciiOnly PRBool  
cc AString  
characterSet char *  
defaultCharacterSet char * readonly  
drafId char *  
DSN PRBool  
fcc AString  
fcc2 AString  
followupTo char *  
forceMsgEncoding PRBool  
forcePlainText PRBool  
from AString  
hasRecipients PRBool readonly New in Thunderbird 23 Indicates whether something is filled in in the to, cc, or bcc attribute. (bug 68784)
messageId char *  
needToCheckCharset PRBool Indicates whether we need to check if the current DocumentCharset can represent all the characters in the message body. It should be initialized to true and set to false when 'Send Anyway' is selected by a user. (bug 249530)
newsgroups AString  
newshost char *  
newspostUrl char *  
organization AString  
otherRandomHeaders AString No longer exists - see!topic/
priority char *  
receiptHeaderType PRInt32  
references char *  
replyTo AString  
securityInfo nsISupports  
subject AString  
templateName AString  
temporaryFiles char * obsolete TemporaryFiles OBSOLETE, DO NOT USE ANYMORE
to AString  
useMultipartAlternative PRBool  
uuEncodeAttachments PRBool  



Utility Methods
PRBool checkCharsetConversion ( out char * fallbackCharset );
nsIMsgRecipientArray SplitRecipients ( in PRUnichar * recipients, in PRBool emailAddressOnly );
void ConvertBodyToPlainText ( );
Attachment Handling Methods
void addAttachment ( in nsIMsgAttachment attachment );
void removeAttachment ( in nsIMsgAttachment attachment );
void removeAttachments ( );
Header Methods
void setHeader(char* name, char* value);


This interface is the type of the following properties:

nsIMsgCompose.compFields, nsIMsgComposeParams.composeFields

This interface is passed as an argument to the following methods:

nsIMsgComposeSecure.beginCryptoEncapsulation, nsIMsgComposeSecure.requiresCryptoEncapsulation, nsIMsgSend.createAndSendMessage, nsIMsgSend.sendMessageFile, nsISMimeJSHelper.getNoCertAddresses, nsISMimeJSHelper.getRecipientCertsInfo