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The nsIMsgAccountManagerExtension interface is used to add a new panel to Thunderbird's Account Manager.

An Account Manager Extension is a XPCOM compontent implementing this Interface. The interface is basically a manifest and defines the properties of the new Panel. A Panel consists of a XUL file with a Page Element as root element and the Property File containing the localized name.

Note:  The Account Manager relies on a very strong naming scheme to load and unload a panel. An Account Manager Extension with a "name" attribute of "devmo" and the "chromePackageName" attribute set to "" means, that the Account Manager expects to find a XUL file in "chrome://" and a property file in "chrome://" containing a property named "prefPanel-devmo".

You have to register any new Account Manager Extensions via the the category manager at start up. Simply add a new Entry with the Contact ID of the component to the "mailnews-accountmanager-extensions" category.

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Inherits from: nsISupports

Method overview

boolean showPanel(in nsIMsgIncomingServer server);


Attribute Type Description
name ACString name of the account manager extension. It has to be unique and defines the file name of the property file and the XUL Page as well as the name of the localized string contained in the property file. This attribute is readonly!
chromePackageName ACString chrome package, where the files for the new panel are located. This is usually GUID of the ID of the addons which adds the new Panel. This attribute is readonly!


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Before displaying a panel in the Account Manager this method is triggered.

 boolean showPanel(
   in nsIMsgIncomingServer server
The account for which the panel should be displayed.
Return value

A true indicates, that the Account Manager can display the panel for the given account, while false prevents the panel to be loaded.