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The mozIStoragePendingStatement interface represents a pending asynchronous database statement, and offers the cancel() method which allows you to cancel the pending statement.

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  Last changed in Gecko 1.9.2 (Firefox 3.6 / Thunderbird 3.1 / Fennec 1.0)

Inherits from: nsISupports

Method overview

void cancel();



Cancels the pending statement.  Fails only if you attempt to cancel the operation more than once.

Note: For read statements, such as SELECT, once you cancel the statement, you will receive no further notifications about results.
void cancel();


Return value

In versions of Gecko prior to Gecko 1.9.2, this returned a boolean value that was true if the query was canceled successfully or false if not. Starting with Gecko 1.9.2, this information is no longer provided and the method doesn't return a value.

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