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The mozIStorageError interface represents errors returned by the Storage API, offering attributes to obtain the error code as well as a human-readable error message corresponding to the error that occurred.

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Inherits from: nsISupports


Attribute Type Description
message AUTF8String A human readable error string with details; this may be null if no details are available. Read only.
result long One of the error code values listed under Constants on this page.


Constant Value Description
ERROR 1 General SQL error, or missing database
IOERR 10 A disk I/O error occurred.
CORRUPT 11 The database on disk is malformed.
FULL 13 An insertion failed because the database is full.
CANTOPEN 14 Unable to open the database file.
EMPTY 16 The database is empty.
SCHEMA 17 The database schema changed.
TOOBIG 18 A string or blob exceeds the size limit.
CONSTRAINT 19 Aborted due to a constraint violation.
INTERNAL 2 An internal logic error occurred.
MISMATCH 20 A data type mismatch occurred.
MISUSE 21 Library used incorrectly.
NOLFS 22 Attempted to use OS features not supported on the host system.
AUTH 23 Authorization denied.
FORMAT 24 Auxiliary database format error.
NOTADB 26 The opened file is not a database.
PERM 3 Access permission denied.
ABORT 4 A callback routine requested an abort.
BUSY 5 The database file is locked.
LOCKED 6 A table in the database is locked.
NOMEM 7 A memory allocation failed.
READONLY 8 Attempted to write to a read-only database.
INTERRUPT 9 The operation was terminated by an interrupt.

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