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This interface exposes information about hypertext in a document.
Gecko 1.9
Inherits from: IAccessibleText Last changed in Gecko 1.9 (Firefox 3)

The IAccessibleHypertext interface is the main interface to expose hyperlinks in a document, typically a text document, that are used to reference other documents. A typical implementation is to implement this interface on the smallest text object such as a paragraph of text.

Method overview

[propget] HRESULT hyperlink([in] long index, [out] IAccessibleHyperlink hyperlink );
[propget] HRESULT hyperlinkIndex([in] long charIndex, [out] long hyperlinkIndex );
[propget] HRESULT nHyperlinks([out] long hyperlinkCount );



Returns the specified link. The returned IAccessibleHyperlink object encapsulates the hyperlink and provides several kinds of information describing it.

[propget] HRESULT hyperlink(
  [in] long index,
  [out] IAccessibleHyperlink hyperlink
This 0 based index specifies the hyperlink to return.
If the given index is valid, that is it lies in the interval from 0 to the number of links minus one, a reference to the specified hyperlink object is returned. If the index is invalid then a null pointer is returned.
Return value

E_INVALIDARG if bad [in] passed, [out] value is null. S_OK.


Returns the index of the hyperlink that is associated with this character index. This is the case when a link spans the given character index.

[propget] HRESULT hyperlinkIndex(
  [in] long charIndex,
  [out] long hyperlinkIndex
A 0 based index of the character for which to return the link index. If IAccessibleText is used to represent the text containing the link, then the character index is only valid if it is greater than or equal to zero and lower than the number of characters in the text.
The 0 based index of the hyperlink that is associated with this character index, or -1 if charIndex is not on a link.
Return value

E_INVALIDARG if bad [in] passed, [out] value is null. S_FALSE if there is nothing to return, [out] value is -1. S_OK.


Returns the number of links and link groups contained within this hypertext paragraph.

[propget] HRESULT nHyperlinks(
  [out] long hyperlinkCount
The number of links and link groups within this hypertext paragraph. Returns 0 if there is no link.
Return value


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