The nsMemory class provides static helper routines to manage memory. These routines allow easy access to XPCOM's global nsIMemory implementation without having to go through the service manager to get it.

#include "nsMemory.h"

class nsMemory { ... };


The Alloc function allocates a block of memory of a particular size.
The Realloc function reallocates a block of memory to a new size.
The Free function frees a block of memory that was allocated by XPCOM's memory manager.
The HeapMinimize function attempts to shrink the size of the heap.
The Clone function creates a copy of an existing memory block up to the size specified.
The GetGlobalMemoryService function returns a reference to XPCOM's global nsIMemory object.


To use the methods in this class, you must link your component or application against the XPCOM glue library.

The static methods defined on this class are not frozen. However, if you use these functions in your XPCOM component, and if you link to the XPCOM glue library, then your component will only have a runtime dependency on the frozen XPCOM API.

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