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JavaXPCOM allows for communication between Java and XPCOM, such that a Java application can access XPCOM objects, and XPCOM can access any Java class that implements an XPCOM interface. JavaXPCOM is not actively maintained.

With JavaXPCOM, a developer can talk to XPCOM or embed Gecko from a Java application. JavaXPCOM is very similar to XPConnect (JavaScript-XPCOM bridge), and uses XPIDL.

Note: JavaXPCOM was included in XULRunner up through version 1.9.2. It has been removed in XULRunner 2, and is not actively maintained.
JavaXPCOM Development
How to get and build the source, as well as how to view and report bugs.
Sample code
There are several Java test applications checked in to the tree that give examples on how to embed Gecko or init XPCOM from within Java.
Embedding Mozilla in a Java Application using JavaXPCOM
XULRunner ships with the JavaXPCOM component, which allows Java code to interact with XPCOM objects. As you will see in this article, working with XPCOM objects in Java is not that much different than doing so in C++.

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