This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

Viewing and searching Mozilla source code online

Source code for all Mozilla projects hosted in the Mercurial repositories can be searched and viewed online using Searchfox, a fast indexed search engine that runs on AWS.

Do not download the source code by crawling Searchfox; download a tarball (see instructions here) or use Mercurial  instead.

Searchfox indexes multiple branches and modules.

Some other Searchfox roots of interest are:

  • "mozilla-central" contains current Firefox and Gecko development. Releases branch off of this repository. Also known as "Trunk" or "nightly".
  • "comm-central" contains current Thunderbird, SeaMonkey and Calendar development. Also contains a mirror of mozilla-central. Releases branch off of this repository.

Mozilla Source Code Directory Structure has a short description of the code living in each source directory of the tree.

To view the source code of a specific version, you can also download it. Each product produced by Mozilla is archived there, together with its source code.