This content covers features introduced in Thunderbird 3

The extIPreference interface accesses a single preference. The data is not cached. All reads access the current state of the preference. extIPreference is defined in toolkit/components/exthelper/extIApplication.idl.

Implemented via XPCOM service for extIApplication: see the instructions on the FUEL (Firefox), STEEL (Thunderbird) and SMILE (SeaMonkey) pages.

Method overview

void reset()


Attribute Type Description
name readonly attribute AString The name of the preference.
type readonly attribute AString A string representing the type of preference (String, Boolean, or Number).
value attribute nsIVariant Get/Set the value of the preference.
locked attribute boolean Get the locked state of the preference. Set to a boolean value to (un)lock it.
modified readonly attribute boolean Check if a preference has been modified by the user, or not.
branch readonly attribute extIPreferenceBranch The preference branch that contains this preference.
events readonly attribute extIEvents The events object for this preference. supports: "change"



Resets a preference back to its default values. 

This will raise an exception if the preference doesn't exist or is the default value.  You should wrap this call in a try/catch block.
void reset()
Return value

See also

 FUEL (Firefox), STEEL (Thunderbird) and SMILE (SeaMonkey)