This article covers features introduced in SeaMonkey 2

The smileIWindow interface represents a browser window. smileIWindow is defined in

Implemented via XPCOM service for extIApplication: see the instructions on the FUEL (Firefox), STEEL (Thunderbird) and SMILE (SeaMonkey) pages.

Method overview

smileIBrowserTab open(in nsIURI aURI);


The events object for the browser window. Supports: "TabOpen", "TabClose", "TabMove", "TabSelect"

Attribute Type Description
tabs readonly attribute nsIVariant A collection of browser tabs within the browser window.
activeTab readonly attribute smileIBrowserTab The currently-active tab within the browser window.
events readonly attribute extIEvents



Open a new browser tab, pointing to the specified URI.

smileIBrowserTab open(in nsIURI aURI);
The uri to open the browser tab to
Return value
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See also

 FUEL (Firefox), STEEL (Thunderbird) and SMILE (SeaMonkey)

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