FUEL is deprecated as of Firefox 40. Consider using the Add-ons SDK instead

Method overview

void remove()


Attribute Type Description
id readonly attribute long long The id of the bookmark.
title attribute AString The title of the bookmark.
uri attribute nsIURI The uri of the bookmark.
description attribute AString The description of the bookmark.
keyword attribute AString The keyword associated with the bookmark.
type readonly attribute AString The type of the bookmark. values: "bookmark", "separator"
parent attribute fuelIBookmarkFolder The parent folder of the bookmark.
annotations readonly attribute fuelIAnnotations The annotations object for the bookmark.
events readonly attribute extIEvents The events object for the bookmark. supports: "remove", "change", "visit", "move"



Removes the item from the parent folder. Used to delete a bookmark or separator

void remove()



Return value



const NEVER_EXPIRE = 0;

function url(spec) {
  var ios = Cc["@mozilla.org/network/io-service;1"].getService(Ci.nsIIOService);
  return ios.newURI(spec, null, null);

var bookmark = Application.bookmarks.toolbar.addBookmark("Mozilla", url("http://www.mozilla.com"));
bookmark.keyword = "webdev";

// check some properties
alert(bookmark.title);     // should show "Mozilla"
alert(bookmark.uri.spec);  // should show "http://www.mozilla.com"

// setup an event to listen for changes to the bookmark
bookmark.events.addListener("change", function(event) { alert(event.data); });

bookmark.title = "MoCo";     // should alert "title"
bookmark.keyword = "addons"; // should alert "keyword"

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