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    Using the Places tagging service

    The tagging service, offered by the nsITaggingService interface, provides methods to tag and untag a URI, to retrieve URIs for a given tag, and to retrieve all tags for a URI.

    Initiating the tagging service

    Before using the tagging service, you need to obtain a reference to an instance of it:

    var taggingSvc = Components.classes[";1"]

    Tagging a URI

    The nsITaggingService.tagURI() method tags a URL with the given set of tags. Current tags set for the URL persist, and tags which are already set for the given URL are ignored.

    taggingSvc.tagURI(uri(""), ["tag 1"]); //First argument = URI
                                                              //Second Argument = Array of tag(s)
    where uri() is probably similar to makeURI().

    Untagging a URI

    nsITaggingService.untagURI() removes tags from a URL. From the given set of tags, a tag is ignored if it isn't set for the given URL.

    tagginSvc.untagURI(uri(""), ["tag 1"]); //First argument = URI
                                                               //Second Argument = Array of tag(s)

    Finding all URLs with a given tag

    The nsITaggingService.getURIsForTag() method returns an array of all URLs tagged with the given tag.

    var tag1uris = taggingSvc.getURIsForTag("tag 1"); //"tag 1" = given tag

    Getting all tags associated with a URL

    The nsITaggingService.getTagsForURI() method returns an array of all tags set for the given URL.

    var tags = taggingSvc.getTagsForURI(uri("", {})); 
      //tags = an array of tags stored in

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