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Places is the bookmarks and history management system introduced in Firefox 3. It offers increased flexibility and complex querying to make handling the places the user goes easier and more convenient. It also includes new features including favicon storage and the ability to annotate pages with arbitrary information. It also introduces new user interfaces for managing all this information; see Places on the Mozilla wiki.

Places stores its data in an SQLite database using the mozStorage interfaces.

Places migration guide
Migrating existing code to use the Places API.
Manipulating bookmarks using Places
Examples for how to work with bookmarks using the Places API.
Using the Places tagging service
How to use the tagging service.
Using the Places history service
How to access history information using the Places API.
Using the Places favicon service
How to manipulate favicons using the Places API.
Using the Places livemark service
How to create and manage livemarks.
Using the Places annotation service
How to work with the annotation service.
Using the Places keywords API
How to manage Places keywords
Querying Places
How to query the bookmarks and history system with specific parameters.
Retrieving part of the bookmarks tree
How to fetch a section of the bookmarks tree using queries.
Displaying Places information using views
How to use Places views to display Places data in your own applications or extensions.
Places utilities for JavaScript
A library of convenient routines that make it easier to work with Places.
Places Database troubleshooting
How to deal with a corrupt places.sqlite database.

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The Places database
High-level overview of the Places database design.
History Service Design
Design of the history service.
The Places "frecency" algorithm
The algorithm behind the Places location bar (sometimes called the "awesomebar").